Milani Cosmetics, family owned and operated, launched the brand in 2002 and has grown to become one of the leading brands of color cosmetics in the mass marketplace. The brand mirrors the nation’s growing diversity and genuinely appeals to a myriad of demographics. Today, women of all colors, ages and incomes, all over the world enjoy the affordable luxury of Milani Cosmetics. 
Milani Cosmetics offers a world of color that makes women look and feel beautiful. With our passion for color and a recognized need for a broader variety, women have choices that they may not have had, whatever their skin tone may be. Milani was designed with all these women in mind and especially for women who love to wear color. We take pride in our products, because we believe in them and what they represent. We want our customers to always be satisfied and relate to us on an emotional level. 
Lips, Eyes, Face, and Nails…..Color, color, color and more color! Color with Impact! We create trend setting colors that have no boundaries. Milani’s full line of color cosmetics combines quality formulas and upscale packaging that is easy to use and easy to wear. Milani continues to develop high quality products at surprisingly affordable prices that speak to everyone’s lifestyle today. 
Milani Cosmetics, the brand that keeps up with the trends from the runway to the retail store, has earned loyalty from consumers worldwide. Milani products are full of color and life, Color with Impact, that appeal to women of all ages, incomes and ethnicities. Our easy to use, affordable high end products, trend setting and timeless colors are designed for you, our customer with a unique beauty and an ever evolving style. Milani cares and is all about you, our customer!
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